A legacy of 19th century France

Called the “débardeur” in French (or “marcel” as it’s commonly known), the tank top has a history that began in Paris in the middle of the 19th century where it was originally designed for the well-known corporation “Forts des Halles” (“Fort” means strong in English)

This powerful, very elitist corporation controlled the market of Les Halles de Paris, named ‘the belly of Paris’ by Emile Zola in his famous novel of 1873.

The ‘Forts des Halles’ were easily recognisable by their large hats, they cleverly created the tank top to free up arm movement to facilitate certain physical tasks in the management of the market.

The brand Monsieur LeCotón Paris has decided to revive this Parisian invention, adding an upscale, refined touch: the French Tank Top Héritage 19.

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